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About Me.

​Hi, I'm Travis King, and we're the Land Investing Mastery family.


After growing frustrated with the lack of cash flow from our rentals and all the other headaches that come with landlording, I started searching for a real estate investing niche that put cash in my pocket (without the hassle of dealing with tenants).  


I found Land Investing as a niche, then devoured every bit of education available at the time. My wife & I started our land investing business with the goal of building a Six Figure "Passive" second income.


Like any real business, it wasn't an overnight success. Even through many growing pains & adjustments, we continued to relentlessly pursue our goals.


Today, I can proudly say that together my wife and I have crushed our goals and continue to build our land empire. I find joy in every deal, every negotiation, and learning everything I can with each step I take.


But along the way, I found that I get more pleasure in helping & serving others than I do closing transactions. 


It brings me even greater pride and enjoyment to successfully help investors build their businesses. Whether I'm helping new investors start from the ground up or even coaching seasoned land investors scale their business to the next level or overcome hurdles they couldn't previously defeat, I've found my greatest "payoff" is when I'm able to serve other investors.

My Land Investing Journey.

The highlights of my evolution as a land investor and coach...

  • 2014

    Started Investing in Land

    Started land business part-time, hustled hard, working 15-25 hours/week outside my full-time job.  I networked like crazy, and got to know the big players in the industry (investors, finance people, software creators, etc.) while I devoured every land investing course I could get my hands on. 

  • 2016

    Met Recurring Income Goal: $10,000/mo

    When I first started investing in land, this had been my first measure of success. We had enough seller financing deals that I was receiving $10,000 a month in "Mailbox Money". It was almost a weird feeling (but GREAT)...I had journaled this goal as well as stared at it daily 2 years on my vision board!  We had created this success one deal at a time, and it was finally working how I'd always imagined!

  • 2017

    Take This Job And SHOVE IT

    I was making more in 2 months as a part-time land investor than my full-time job. Meanwhile, I kept getting passed over for promotions by my passive/aggressive micromanaging boss.   

    I'd finally had it one day, picked up my jacket, walked out the front door in the middle of a shift and never looked back. I had finally ditched my scripted life for the pursuit of entrepreneurship!  I had no doubts that our land business was going to more than cover my family's needs! 

  • 2018

    Entered Semi-Retirement

    With all systems on auto-pilot and my family's needs more than taken care of, I removed myself from the day-to-day of the business. Instead of staring at the computer until 1 AM working on the business my wife and I got to go on more dates, we started taking more (and longer) vacations all over the country. I was able to attend more of my kids' basketball and baseball games.  It was a sense of freedom I'd never felt before.  I was as close to living the 4-Hour Workweek dream as anyone I knew!

  • 2020

    Bigger, Better and Beyond

    My old friends started asking for my opinion on their land-focused software builds. That got me re-energized...and I wanted back in. So, I started consulting with some of the coolest, most revolutionary tools on the market. In the meantime, word started spreading about how well I'd done, and people began approaching me to help them get their land businesses off the ground. Before I knew it, I was spending more time coaching than I was investing! We still run a very active and highly profitable land business but now, I get the same excitement helping others cash THEIR first $10,000 check or reach THEIR goal of $10,000 in monthly recurring income.  

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